About SchoolMike.com

What is SchoolMike?
SchoolMike is an Modern School Desk (Online platform & Cloud Application)
SchoolMike is an cloud based multi-tenant, interactive platform for modern schools.
You can manage your school from anywhere with any device!!

SchoolMike is an online product for
• Easy & efficient Management of Modern Schools.
• Management of Multiple Class Groups.
• Accessible anywhere through Internet
• No investments in servers &software or IT Professionals.
• India’s Best comprehensive cloud based ERP(without Finance Module) for education Institutes globally
• Complete cloud based product, anyone can work from anywhere with any device – You can also with your desktop computer

What we provide:
Website (separate website for your school to work from desktop) +
Special School APP (we develop separate app for your school +
Cloud Server ( to work from PC, Mobile, Tablet..anywhere) +
Online Payment Integration (for school fee & exam fee payment) +
E-mail & SMS Integration (You can also use your SMS, Email providers) +
Free integration (with your existing website & Hardware) +
Free basic customization for your school +
Free support (dedicated team for support) +
Free upgrade to newer versions +


No hidden charges +
No Installation charges +
No support charges +
No any other charges to management+
Customization & training (Our executives will work for 3days from your school)

Types of logins provided:
Parents, Students, Principal, Management, staff, nonteaching staff, HOD& others

Mobile Application:
Mobile application will be provided for download (free).
We will also develop Special Android App for your school based on our contract.

Cloud & Web Servers:
We will provide everything, you can choose the servers(based on pricing)

Current Version:
3.0 (Released on 5th July 2017). >> We will not charge for upgrade to new versions

Technical Help/Support:
FREE - provided freely by SchoolMike.com, No additional charges, Free staff attendance hardware integration

How to get this Product:
1) Get Demo – Both online desktop application and mobile application
2) Pricing will be based on school strength, please contact our DEMO Team for this.
3) Both parties will read & sign in agreements
4) Training session: Free – for Staff, Principal, HOD & Managements(1 day @ your school)
5) Customization: Free (3 Working Days, our executive will work for your school, Basic customization is free, Additional charges are applicable for extra customization)
6) Implementation for your school: - free (3days, our executive will work from your school)
7) Upgrades & Backup: – free (our executives visit your school at every version update)
8) Support: Dedicated team for resolving any issues at product side.
9) Free integration with your attendance systems(hardware)
10) SMS & Email integration

SchoolMike executives take backup every month, & Give backup CD/DVDs to school on every year end

SMS & E-Mail:
We will integrate to your SMS & Email Provider freely(one time).

SchoolMike Benefits:
•Real time availability of information.
•Increased productivity of processes and personnel.
•Automation and efficient organization of academic processes.
•Low dependence on paper work.
•Better and fast reporting mechanism.

SchoolMike Highlights
• Multi-Tenant, Cloud Based Interactive Platform for Education Institutes.
• Accessible globally through Internet.
• Efficient administration of Universities, Schools, Schools, and Training Institutes.
• User-friendly GUI and Navigation.
• Highly scalable - can add as many new Centres and Programs as required.
• Logins for management, staff, parents and students.

Demo Website: http://SchoolMike.com
Developing & Marketing by : Go4Max Online Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.
Contact Persons: Prasanth/Devi/Teju: 9880792379
Contact Email: prasanth@schoolmike.com
CEO & Managing Director: Mr. Prasanth Babu, Mobile : 9945566771

We make installation fast and easy, and we hold your hand every step of the way.

For Direct/Online DEMO:
Contact Persons: Prasanth / Devi / Teju
Mobile no: +91 9945566771 (or) +91 9880792379
Emails: prasanth@schoolmike.com (or) devi@schoolmike.com

What we cover:
1. Course Management: Adding courses offered by school/University
2. Branches/Class Groups Management: Add Class Groups, Edit class groups
3. Class Management: Add classes to branches/class groups, Edit Classes
4. Subjects Management: Add/ Edit subjects to class groups, Assign subjects to classes
5. Staff Management: Add staff, Edit staff, Give Class Group permissions , give class permissions, give extra permissions, student attendance, add students marks, Give assignments
6. Student Management: Add students to class, Edit students, View Students
7. Time Table Management: Add class time table, Edit class time table, View class time table, View Staff Time table
8. Messages Management: Send Messages to staff, Send messages to students, Inbox – view messages ,Outbox: sent messages
9. Exam Schedule Management: Add exam schedule, Assign exam rooms, Assign exam invigilators, Exam time table
10. Student Marks Management : Add Marks, View Marks
11. Student Attendance Management : Add student attendance, view attendance
12. Student Assignments Management: Add assignment, view Assignments
13. School Event Management: add Events, Edit events, View events, view calendar
14. Student Feedback management: add feedbacks, respond to feedbacks
15. Reports Module: full & full reports generate dynamically
16. Library Management: add books, Search books, Issue books
17. File Sharing: Add files, Give permissions to files
18. Placement Desk: Covers placement activities
19. Online Fee Payment: Online Exam fee payments, Online School Fee Payment
20. Transportation/Bus Module: all about Transportation provided by school

DEMO Website: www.schoolmike.
DEMO Contact:
Mobile : +91 9945566771 (Mobile & Whatsapp)
+91 9880792379
E-mail : demo@schoolmike.com

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