Welcome to 21st Century Pricing.

We don’t make our clients jump through hoops before we tell them the cost of our system. The cost of our school management software is – and always has been – upfront, honest, and extremely affordable. Isn’t that the way it should be?

for University and School Administrators, Webmasters, Professors, Students & Parents have the online management software they need with Interactive Platform.


(No Additional Charges - No Hidden Charges)



र 10/student/month

without SMS/Email notification

र 15/student/month

With SMS & Emails notifications

Contact: +91 9945566771 for Direct Demo Support Desk

 We are so confident in our product , we actually encourage potential clients to compare with other providers.

 But keep in mind that comparing SchoolMike’s school management system with the competition is like comparing an apple to an orange…a really expensive orange that’s been cut up into little pieces. Most of our competitors break their school administration systems into modules, and then charge you extra for each piece. Not SchoolMike. We deliver one, big, juicy system for an amazingly affordable price.

When you sign-up with SchoolMike, you get:

 Want a formal proposal? Contact Us…We’ll deliver it today.

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Contact us now and one of our friendly educational consultants will get you started.

Did you know that 20s of education organizations use SchoolMike to organize and optimize their workflow? Daycares, Preschools, Grade Schools, Schools, Universities and Campuses all over the world have chosen SchoolMike as their education management tool of choice!

We make installation fast and easy, and we hold your hand every step of the way.

For Direct DEMO:


                Please contact: Prasanth / Devi / Teju

                Mobile No: +91 9945566771 (or)  +91 9880792379

Emails:   (or)



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